Today’s Digital Consultant Links for May 29th

These are my links for May 29th from 18:05 to 21:31:

  • iPlayer Makes TV More Social, Without Re-Inventing The Social Network Wheel – Two articles this week show the close entwining of TV and web as two supporting media: BBC's iPlayer is becoming more social, allowing viewers to connect with friends and live chat. Meanwhile, ITV are signalling the arrival of the world cup with more focus on 'two screen' TV (web supporting TV) experiences:
  • Stop The Presses: ‘Sunset’ For Print In Five Years, FT Sees – In the week the iPad hits the UK shops, forecasters are nodding to the end of the print press and distribution chain, as readers and mobile devices signal the end of tree-based media. Business-to-business publications (like the Financial Times) are likely to be the first to fall, with the timescale estimates ranging from 5-30 years. If you're working in B2B markets – are you ready for an online only content and marketing landscape?
  • Reputation Management and Social Media: How people monitor their identity and search for others online – According to new Pew Internet research, more young adults in USA are concerned with their online reputation, behaviours include increase searching of their own and their friends names online, and removing tags of themselves from online content.
  • Six Spaces of social media – An old (2007) but interesting means of categorising social spaces rather than by type or platform but purpose, like 'secret spaces' and 'publishing spaces'. A good way of thinking about user behaviours within the social platform you are working in.
  • Cloud computing is the new way to do business – A good 101 intro to cloud computing with this short video news features from the BBC.

Digital Consultant links for December 24th through December 28th

These are my links for December 24th through December 28th:

  • Getting digital strategy ‘across the line’ – Advice for marketing managers to take your digital strategy 'across the line' and engage the multiple stakeholders in your organisation with it, using story journeys and 'vision' presentations to develop case study stories for execs and decision-makers.
  • I’m on BBC Breakfast, Mon 28 December – I'm going to be on telly, BBC One this Monday 28th December. It's part of a feature on social media 'how much is too much' to reveal about yourself online, and the short feature features myself and Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow, I'm talking about how to use social media in business and they filmed some bits of me playing the theremin too to show my 'alternative lives' I have online. It's on at 7.50am then repeated and 8.50am if you can bear to get up so early in the holiday! I'll obviously try and make a copy and YouTube it for those of us who prefer to sleep then…
  • Social Media ROI for Small Businesses – More useful tools for how to measure return on investment when using social media.

Digital Consultant links for December 16th through December 21st

These are my links for December 16th through December 21st:

  • Economist eyes social network cash boost – The Economist is ditching a walled garden registration and access model unlike other publishers, and developing a strategy to use social media to allow users to acess and interact with their content, with very ambitious user targets.
  • BBC given go-ahead to put internet on TV – In a strange era where the tail wags the dog, TV broadcasters will now be putting TV, er, back on TV through the internet using the 'Project Canvas' set top box. Could prove an opening up of IPTV and internet shopping, niche channels available through the more familiar and family orientated TV device.
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • Farewell to the Casual Music Fan – Jeremy Scholsberg laments the loss of the casual music fan – the bums on seats people that made popular music popular – in favour of more narrowcast relationships enabled from online interactions and the '1,000 True Fans' model. Do all 'fans' become 'true' fans? Engaging with and monetizing 'casual' fans is near impossible in the digital age, and the skills of musicianship are weakened by self-promotion activity.
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