Today’s Digital Consultant Links for September 21st

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Digital Consultant links for May 30th through June 26th

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Digital Consultant links for April 6th through April 10th

These are my links for April 6th through April 10th:

  • Clegg’n'Cameron seek Director of Digital • The Register – Not a ‘Twitter Tsar’ (apparently) but the UK government now seek someone to head up their far-reaching digital ambitions, replacing several other roles that seem to have achieved little in recent years (like the rarely Tweeting Director of Digital Engagement).
  • Sharing Content To Show Thought Leadership – Why do marketers curate and share content? Top of the list is establishing thought leadership, according to this US survey. Added benefits include lead generation and boosting SEO, although this is not the main motivation.
  • Pepsi on social media metrics – Pepsi’s Head of Digital, Shiv Singh on how they measure metrics for social media: “SIM score, which is like a digital brand health metric. The premise behind it is that what consumers say about us is more important than anything that we say. It’s an indexed competitive score looking at how our brand is doing compared to our competitors, indexed on a hundredth scale. The formula accounts for volume and sentiment, and then weighted by platform.”
  • Elements of local digital ecosystems – | DavePress presents a neat summary of the types of actors and activities that make up a local digital ecology.
  • Report into social media excellence published – Summary of Gartner’s report into 200 successful operations using social media. It’s all about gathering together and understand your community of interest.

Digital Consultant links for March 14th through March 15th

These are my links for March 14th through March 15th:

  • Expand Your Social Media Mix: Twitter Alone is Not Enough – Twitter or status updates are the ‘kebabs’ of social media – immediate but unfilling, requiring frequent updates to stay on top of the ‘noise’. Social strategy Jeremiah Owyang believes these snacks needs to be balanced by more meaningful ‘steak’ content like white papers and articles if you intend to be come a thought leader onlne.
  • 11 takeaways from Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event – Some reflection from UK’s leading digital marketers from a recent Econsultancy event. A few odd things here (like ‘measure because you can’ – I would conter-argue: why?) but some insightful reflection like the dual approach of consider a longer term customer experience versus a more immediate, on-site user experience.
  • Why SEO needs to be baked in – As much as I hate the expression ‘baked in’, this article by Dave Peiris for Econsultancy on considering SEO as part of you decisions when you’re setting up your website – from an SEO friendly CMS to site architecture – is interesting reading for anyone setting up a new site.
  • How to use content marketing: Interview with Lee Odden – Content marketing – using great content combined with good SEO – is something I’m reading more about currently. For those of us who have run content rich website we have know for a long time that content is, if not king, a regal part of your business strategy.

Today’s Digital Consultant Links for February 28th

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