Digital Consultant links for February 22nd through February 28th

These are my links for February 22nd through February 28th:

  • Disruptive Technology Outlook – Altimeter’s summary of 2011 disruptive technologies to watch. Interestingly Augmented Reality is ‘not yet hot’ but ‘gamification’, print extensions (like QR codes), user curation, co-creation and social search all feature.
  • Google includes personalised social links in users’ search results – A significant change for Google users: search will now be linked to results from your social network profiles interspersed with organic search results. This moves search to a more web 2.0 experience where SEO ‘gaming’ the search engines will reduce and the personalised search experience continues. Being more relevant to real users gives more gain.
  • How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] – These charts show small business are generally finding Twitter more used and useful for engagement than Facebook.

Digital Consultant links for January 19th through January 21st

These are my links for January 19th through January 21st:

  • How Social Media Helps One Small Business Connect with Fans – Another example of how a small local business (selling computer bags) can connect with international customers and build loyalty using social media. Not big numbers but tangible levels of interaction & engagement. Win-win.
  • Why Social Media Isn’t for Everyone – Intelligent article on why social media won't work for all businesses: it's a game changer with transformative power, but if you just want to hit quarterly sales targetted without changing, it may not be the best investment to make.
  • Google’s Real Time Search Impact on B2B Companies – More on Google's latest shift into including real-time search results from Twitter. This could signify a new approach where brands will need to engage in social media (particiularly Twitter) to rank highly in search, however, could quickly lead to abuse as business 'twitterfy' setting up auto-tweets optimised to their keywords. Given Google also signify Twitter ranking (quality and followers), this approach is likely to lead to limited gains.
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