Digital Consultant links for August 16th through August 17th

These are my links for August 16th through August 17th:

  • What Makes Social Media Trustworthy? – An enlightening survey that shows levels of perceived ‘trust’ in different forms of social media, with blogs by people you know as the most trusted source, but Twitter/Facebook updates less so. The best element for creating a sense of trust: be open to both positive and negative comments, and sustain a high quality dialogue in your online community.
  • What Nonprofits Can Teach Brands About Social – US research shows charities are trendsetters for using social media, with an impressive 97% adoption in some form of social media use. What a great way to engage with volunteers, givers and stakeholders.
  • Trinity Mirror’s Birmingham Mail Linking Out To Local Bloggers – The hyperlocal trend continues, and this time local blogs are being used by local papers to stem the loss of journalist content (cynical view) or to create interactive, locally driven content. This article talks about a relationship between the publisher and blogger, but via the Twitter watercooler it appears that no permission has been sought in fact. This open up an interesting dilemma for bloggers: by releasing a RSS feed, are you giving permission for others publisher in the professional media to re-publish your work? Creative Commons license give scope for this.
  • MTVN UK Does A Bebo, Commissions Its First Online-Only Social Drama – The future was looking bleak for interactive drama in UK since the main funder of the form, Bebo, has gone into demise. Youth brand MTV has taken up the mantle by commissioning an issue based drama, Being Victor,combining filmed, blogging and social media elements.
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