Digital Consultant links for February 22nd through February 28th

These are my links for February 22nd through February 28th:

  • Disruptive Technology Outlook – Altimeter’s summary of 2011 disruptive technologies to watch. Interestingly Augmented Reality is ‘not yet hot’ but ‘gamification’, print extensions (like QR codes), user curation, co-creation and social search all feature.
  • Google includes personalised social links in users’ search results – A significant change for Google users: search will now be linked to results from your social network profiles interspersed with organic search results. This moves search to a more web 2.0 experience where SEO ‘gaming’ the search engines will reduce and the personalised search experience continues. Being more relevant to real users gives more gain.
  • How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC] – These charts show small business are generally finding Twitter more used and useful for engagement than Facebook.
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