Digital Consultant links for August 4th through August 14th

These are my links for August 4th through August 14th:


Digital Consultant links for August 16th through August 17th

These are my links for August 16th through August 17th:

  • What Makes Social Media Trustworthy? – An enlightening survey that shows levels of perceived ‘trust’ in different forms of social media, with blogs by people you know as the most trusted source, but Twitter/Facebook updates less so. The best element for creating a sense of trust: be open to both positive and negative comments, and sustain a high quality dialogue in your online community.
  • What Nonprofits Can Teach Brands About Social – US research shows charities are trendsetters for using social media, with an impressive 97% adoption in some form of social media use. What a great way to engage with volunteers, givers and stakeholders.
  • Trinity Mirror’s Birmingham Mail Linking Out To Local Bloggers – The hyperlocal trend continues, and this time local blogs are being used by local papers to stem the loss of journalist content (cynical view) or to create interactive, locally driven content. This article talks about a relationship between the publisher and blogger, but via the Twitter watercooler it appears that no permission has been sought in fact. This open up an interesting dilemma for bloggers: by releasing a RSS feed, are you giving permission for others publisher in the professional media to re-publish your work? Creative Commons license give scope for this.
  • MTVN UK Does A Bebo, Commissions Its First Online-Only Social Drama – The future was looking bleak for interactive drama in UK since the main funder of the form, Bebo, has gone into demise. Youth brand MTV has taken up the mantle by commissioning an issue based drama, Being Victor,combining filmed, blogging and social media elements.

Digital Consultant links for August 10th through August 15th

These are my links for August 10th through August 15th:

  • The Little Book Series – Alterian produce the ‘little book’ series which are white papers about topics associated with social media marketing and digital engagement. They of course all skew back to promoting Alterian’s products, but they’re useful reads if you’re serious about social media strategy planning and measurement.
  • The Google Wave That Crashed – When the future has arrived when you’re already here, you may be forgiven for not being on the bus, or missing it entirely. Google Wave was suppose to set out a new precendent for communication and collaboration, combining open forums with email and instant messenging. Google have now killed Wave, which had very low adoption. It was impossible to fanthom out. it didn’t really scratch an itch. But it shows that being a bleeding-edge technology developer, even one as cash-rich and assured as Google, is definitely not a fail safe profession. I didn’t even get to wave it hello.
  • Maximidia | Ads of the World – Cute: 1950s style adverts for the products of today: Twitter, Skype, YouTube, Facebook.
  • Is local the new global in mobile search marketing? – By 2013 some 1bn searches for local content will be made on mobiles, and the local business benefits greatly from local search. This article talks about developing your Google Places Optimisation to get ahead of the race for local search.

Digital Consultant links for April 16th through April 18th

These are my links for April 16th through April 18th:

  • (Infographic) What Musicians Get Paid In The Digital Age – This is seriously depressing stuff. It shows how much a musicians needs to sell if relying on online physical sales and digital distribution alone to earn their keep just to the minimum wage. The greatest gap is the multi-million streams needed on services such as Spotify to achieve less than a few pence in revenue – clearly not achievable if you do not have some trigger from 'mass media' to generate it. Further evidence that musicians need to develop a mix economy of live, work-for-hire, licensing to survive.
  • Near2Home – The local business finder – Here's a new service that may be interesting to hyper local businesses: it's a link you put on your site so if businesses are far away from the areas you serve, you can route them to the Near2Home network. For every three you send, you get two referrals back. May work for more generic types of businesses.
  • Healthcare Engagement Strategy Awards 2010 – Case studies and presentation from yesterday's healthcare engagement strategy awards organised by Creation Healthcare – great examples of how the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector are finding imaginative new ways to communicate important public health and marketing messages to patients and customers.

Digital Consultant links for February 3rd through February 5th

These are my links for February 3rd through February 5th:

  • Telegraph to stop chasing unique users – The publishing industry is moving away from chasing numbers of readers (strange as that's their print model) and is looking to create commercial channels that favour engagement rather than quick hit read and leave, common with online news. It's an interesting bent, as it signifies that even readership – the wholly grail of on and offline publication – becomes less significant in the need to upsell. No doubt they are taking the lead from The Times who are rumoured to be introducing specialist, paid channels in niche subjects.
  • Building a hyperlocal website: 5 things hyperlocal can do and be, times 5 – As a founding member of, I'm speaking at an event in March about local blogging, so this article interviewing some of the biggest names in UK and US in hyperlocal blogging with their thoughts on how local blogging provides an immediate, powerful force against the merging of newspapers is very interesting.
  • App Recommendations from MediaCampLondon – I was at MediaCamp London on Monday, which was a great get together organised by London's social media mafia as an unconference to talk about all things to do with the social web. My highlights were Heather Taylor from Paypal talk on filming video interviews for the web which had some extremely useful advice for my new video content project, and Caron Jane Lyon from PCM Creative getting everyone to talk about their 'Doh-Ray-Me' of their social media journey – how they came to it, why and how it is useful to them. In the extreme tech category, this talk by Jamie Riddell discussing apps (mainly for iPhone but some Twitter and more general web apps) has some extremely useful links for those who are running community or business projects in social media marketing.
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