Digital Consultant links for January 17th through January 18th

These are my links for January 17th through January 18th:

  • Technology Review: How Google Ranks Tweets – The news that Twitter results will be included in Google has come as a cheer to those of us working within the social web. This article suggests that 'popular' Tweeters (i.e. those with a lot of followers, whose followers have high follow numbers) will rank higher in search terms, as 'followers' are akin to links in how Google calculate Page Rank.
  • Howard Rheingold interview – USA – Lengthy BBC interview with online communities and education expert Howard Rheingold discussing how virtual communities have developed and are evolving.
  • 5 Ways Foursquare is Changing the World – Foursquare, the mobile game that rewards location activity attending real-world places, is the latest phenomena in social gaming, but also offers means of retail spaces to reward customer loyalty.

Today’s Digital Consultant Links for October 9th

These are my links for October 9th from 08:54 to 09:27:

  • Techniques for Segmenting Content Across Media – More on transmedia storytelling and taking audiences from journeys between platforms, self-contained narrative or cross-platform narrative, including the example of the Mitsubishi advert in two parts – one TV, the cliffhanger of the advert resolved by going online.
  • Lance Weiler: When The Audience Takes Control – Indie cross-media filmmaker Lance Weiler interview fans of gaming and films and discusses ways of building audience buy-in and interaction into the content creation process. Also a list of useful resources and tools to encourage dialogue with audiences.
  • Alternative Reality Game Stats – Transmedia expert Christy Dena gives a summary of all the major Alternative Reality Games to date, with stats on participants, production budget and links to interesting review and articles.
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