Today’s Digital Consultant Links for July 1st

These are my links for July 1st from 09:06 to 22:18:


Digital Consultant links for November 18th through November 28th

These are my links for November 18th through November 28th:

  • Understanding Bounce Rates Infographic – Lovely and helpful inforagraphics from Think Vitamin on average industry bounce rates and tips to improve the dark curve of the ‘bounce’ (website visitors who visit one page of your site then leave). Average across all sectors is 40.5%, 4.6 page views per visit and 190 seconds per session. I never knew that!
  • How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly (And Keep Your Readers Happy) – Great tips for making your website work for the predicted 1.7 Billion global mobile internet users including minimising big images and flash design.
  • Have Click Rates Finally Stopped Declining? – Good news. Perhaps. Global online ad effectiveness have levelled their freefall decline down to 0.09% in the last year. What this pitiful statistic shows to me is that a staggering 99.91% of online adverts are ineffective: advertisers, brands and B2B need to find more effective ways of building their own audience through online engagement.
  • Facebook Messages – some say it’s an “email killer,” others disagree – Interesting stats on how US teens communicate: shows texting growing in popularity and landline calls declining, but just about all others communications means (including social media and email) more or less flat in the last 3 years. Although email has limited use (11%) it still has a plays in teen communications.
  • 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web – Nice little illustrated e-book which brings together the not very interesting topic of web browsers and how these are evolving (including security and HTML5).

Digital Consultant links for June 9th through June 17th

These are my links for June 9th through June 17th:

  • Keynote: Three Ways Business Must Scale With Social Technologies – Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter on how brand discussions are now 'off domain' and companies (this carries through from large to small I believe) need to consider how by linking together empowered customers, internal teams and technology you can scale to meet the rising challenges off managing customers in social media.
  • Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages – A cheeky tech way to get the power of Google Analytics from you Facebook fan page data by adding an image to your fan page. A great way to compere your site and social network data.
  • Google Caffeine jolts worldwide search machine – Google has now successfully rolled out the latest changes to it's search engine, known as 'Caffeine'. This now brings you fresher, faster jolts of content and news as websites are archived more quicky page by page, meaning content published could show up on search results within hours of not minutes. Great news for content producers reacting to timely news content, and a move towards the power of the real-time web.
  • Q&A: Chris Gorell Barnes on online video for brands – Chril Barnes from Adjust Your Set (great company name) on online video for brands – interesting idea about a 'holy grail' of linking mobile video with vouchers to bring people in-store, and using in-store video to enhance sales promotions. He claims online video can increase conversion by 100% and reduce product returns by 60%.

Today’s Digital Consultant Links for April 23rd

These are my links for April 23rd from 10:17 to 10:24:

  • Hitler Is Very Upset That Constantin Film Is Taking Down Hitler Parodies – After Marmite ordered the BNP to take out images of their product from their site, another strange copyright take down notice has been served this week on hundreds of un-suspecting parody film makers: Constantin Films, makers of the (outstanding) film Downfall, have served notice on many parody film that use the scene of Hitler in his bunker to convey everything from frustration at the new iPhone, leaking a list of BNP members and anything topical/mundane/silly. Parody falls into 'fair usage' in many settings, and the web memes gave the film a breath and life that many German films could never have. It seems a strange move on the part of the film makers, particularly when it's become a 'genre' in itself (this is publicity independent film makers cannot buy), and further shows the divide between how some copyright holders perceive their work should be used, and the means people are choosing to re-create and use their works.
  • Altimeter Report: Social Marketing Analytics (Altimeter Group & Web Analytics Demystified) – A summary of how social media can be measured, and what analytics tools can be used.
  • First Take Analysis: Facebook’s Crusade of Colonization – The irrepressible rise of Facebook continues with yet more changes aimed at opening up the platform, mainly to the benefit of developers and marketers, but with some controversial loss of privacy (basic data about your locations and interests will now be visible to all, unless you choose to remove it). Jeremiah Owyang gives a roundup of the raft of new technical features, and how they threaten to compete with other social services including Google. Facebook are positioning themselves as the personal hub online – even making moves to compete more seriously with email and document sharing services.

Today’s Digital Consultant Links for October 29th

These are my links for October 29th from 12:20 to 12:52:

  • Story – the conference – Mat Locke, the commissioner at Channel 4 education, is organising an 'unconference' on storytelling in spring 2010 (just for fun not as a C4 thing) to join together people from a range of disciplines to look at new ways of storytelling. All those in say 'aye'…
  • Finding Funding for your Creative Project – The founder of Gigbeth music festival and all round music education guru Clare Edwards gives her top tips on seeking funding – it's actually not that different to working with clients: getting to know funders and understanding their needs, raise awareness before you ask for cash, but overall to have a kick-ass project you believe in. Although Clare's advice is geared towards the arts and cultural sector, there's quite a few lessons here that are applicable to those seeking public funding in the business and digital sector.
  • 10 ways to measure social media success – As social media increasingly acts as a hybrid between marketing, PR and customer service, this intelligent piece by Econsultancy looks at ways of measuring success and return on investment – with some useful advice on matching the 'hard' numbers (e.g. page views) with metrics around retention and engagement.
  • Social media: the best and worst of 2009 – Tech Crunch's round up of the good (Obama, Zappos, Skittles) and bad (Habitat, Ryanair and – strangely again – Skittles) uses of social media in 2009. Sadly only big brands are making headlines here, which furthers my research into music showing that its mainly 'old' and 'big' media that get rich and noticed online.
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