A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Part 5: Blogging resources

Image: Hugh Macleod, Gaping Void

Thanks for reading the guide.  I hope it’s inspired you to think more about establishing your own blog or using blogging within your own social networks or website.  Here are a few more articles and website I’d recommend looking at, particularly if you’re a creation business or practitioner.

Articles about blogging:

Merlin Mann: What Makes for a Good Blog?

4Talent magazine: Anatomy of a Blog Series

CopyBlogger: The ultimate blogger writing guide

Web Guild: Beginners guide to using Twitter

Blogs worth reading:

Ash10 – Pete Ashton’s digital and social media consultancy

Copyblogger – advice for copywriters and digital authors

Seth Godin – the guru of permission marketing online

Boing Boing – fun stuff, weird stuff, techno stuff, interesting stuff

Lateral Action – deeper thinking posts on creative industries and creative thinking

T Shirts and Suits – David Parrish’s savvy advice for business thinking for creative businesses.

Good luck with your blogging – unleash the geek from within! I look forward to reading about and seeing your experiences in glorious hyperlink.  If you’ve used this guide to create your own blog, please add a link in the comments online to share with others or contact me.

Susi O’Neill
Director, digital consultant

Guide Ver 1.1 created December 2008 (1.0), updated October 2009 (1.1).

Website/Blog: www.digitalconsultant.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/susioneill

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