Free management and leadership consultancy for Midlands businesses

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As a business owner, making good management decisions and delivering strong leadership in difficult times can become complex and distorted; trying to judge actions and their outcomes to get the results you need can seem like staring into a clouded, crystal ball.

Fortunately, help is at hand from a new programme delivered by Business Link to support management and leadership skills.

If you’re a senior manager or business owner, digital consultant can deliver consultancy to you in the following areas:

Digital strategies for service businesses:

  • Website planning and digital strategy – essential in planning a website commission or re-launch
  • E-marketing strategy (including e-commerce, online editorial and social media)
  • Digital skills training: virtual team management, e-comms and blogging

Business strategies for digital and creative businesses:

  • Executive coaching and professional development for digital sector managers & leaders
  • Innovation, market research and product development for digital products/services
  • Business development, visioning and planning
  • Performance development – including HR and company skills plans
To find out what we’ve  done for other clients take a look at the services we offer.

To give you an idea of how we think and work, here’s a few links to some favourite recent articles on strategy and leadership:

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A marketer’s guide to thinking about the key issues in formulating a social media strategy

Funding packages

The training award is worth up to £1,000 .
The first £500 does not need to be matched by you but the second £500 does.
You can opt for any of the following packages of support:

  • 1 day of consultancy (includes 1 visit & all expenses)
    Package worth £500 – you pay: FREE
  • 2 days of consultancy (includes 2 visits & all expenses)
    Package worth £1,000 – you pay: £250
  • 3 days of consultancy (includes 3 visits & all expenses)
    Package worth £1,500 – you pay: £500

Funding criteria

To be eligible to receive this award your business will have to meet all of these criteria:

  • Have between 5-249 staff (this can include exec and non-exec board members)
  • Be less than 25% owned by a large organisation
  • Be based in the East Midlands or West Midlands regions
  • You must be a key decision maker, senior manager or owner of the business
  • You must have not received LSC Leadership & Management funding since 2007

How to access this support

  1. Please contact me, Susi O’Neill, by email ( or phone (07981 222799) to express an interest.  We can then firstly discuss if I can help with your business issue; if I can we will complete together a referral form which I will submit it on your behalf to your local Business Link.
  2. A Business Link advisor will contact you to arrange a time to complete a diagnostic review of your business, including a Leadership & Management assessment which will identify gaps and areas for development.
  3. On completion of your review your Business Link advisor will complete a Development Plan for you, which you will need to approve and send back with other paperwork to Business Link by post.  They will then confirm if you are eligible and offer you the grant in a confirmation letter.  Please allow at least 1 month between your application and confirmation of the grant.
  4. Assuming we’ve ended up noting the same gaps in your needs and I can deliver the skills you need, we can then proceed with the consultancy work.  You have 90 days from your offer letter to complete the work you need.
  5. I will invoice you at the end of the work and you will pay me directly then claim the eligible costs back directly from Business Link.

Programme information

This scheme is called the Director Development Programme in the West Midlands. Find out more about the Business Link West Midlands programme here.
In the East Midlands this programme is called Leaders First.  Find out more about the Business Link East Midlands programme here.

Ready to demystify your management and leadership issues?

Please email me, Susi O’Neill ( or telephone 07981 222799 for an initial discussion on the programme and how I can help you.


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