Digital Consultant links for November 18th through November 28th

These are my links for November 18th through November 28th:

  • Understanding Bounce Rates Infographic – Lovely and helpful inforagraphics from Think Vitamin on average industry bounce rates and tips to improve the dark curve of the ‘bounce’ (website visitors who visit one page of your site then leave). Average across all sectors is 40.5%, 4.6 page views per visit and 190 seconds per session. I never knew that!
  • How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly (And Keep Your Readers Happy) – Great tips for making your website work for the predicted 1.7 Billion global mobile internet users including minimising big images and flash design.
  • Have Click Rates Finally Stopped Declining? – Good news. Perhaps. Global online ad effectiveness have levelled their freefall decline down to 0.09% in the last year. What this pitiful statistic shows to me is that a staggering 99.91% of online adverts are ineffective: advertisers, brands and B2B need to find more effective ways of building their own audience through online engagement.
  • Facebook Messages – some say it’s an “email killer,” others disagree – Interesting stats on how US teens communicate: shows texting growing in popularity and landline calls declining, but just about all others communications means (including social media and email) more or less flat in the last 3 years. Although email has limited use (11%) it still has a plays in teen communications.
  • 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web – Nice little illustrated e-book which brings together the not very interesting topic of web browsers and how these are evolving (including security and HTML5).

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